Torres Family and Marvut Technologies: a powerful synergy to create disruptive products

A significant production front for Marvut Technologies is our digital laboratory. We dedicate significant efforts to execute our own developments, including native apps that address the needs of our market. It is precisely one of the products from our digital laboratory that we have been working on in collaboration with our partners from ACCIÓ – … Leer más

Meet Grania, from MarvutCare, where health and technology converge

MarvutCare is a project derived from Marvut Technologies S.L, dedicated to the development of technological solutions, specializing in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and data science. MarvutCare was founded in 2021, focusing on the healthcare sector, specifically telemedicine. As one of the key milestones of our project, we introduce our portable monitoring devices, designed … Leer más

Coming Soon! «Musical Prelude»: A Revolution in Interactive Orchestral Experience.

Music is constantly evolving! «Musical Prelude» is an exciting project that is about to take the orchestral experience to a whole new level. This innovative project promises to create a unique experience in which the user will interact with orchestral music. The launch is just around the corner. «Musical Prelude» is a creation that combines … Leer más

Marvut and Ruta N: allies for the event «Medellín and its International Allies 2023».

Since our beginnings in operations in Colombia, we have received support from various entities with government components, who ultimately become facilitators of many initiatives that ease the initiation of a new start-up. One of them, and one that has played a leading role in our history in Colombia, specifically in tasks related to the city … Leer más

The Innovative Technology Company that Conquers from Barcelona to Colombia

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Marvut Technologies has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain with the prestigious Innovative SME Seal. 🇪🇸💡 This achievement is a testament to the tireless work and dedication of our entire team in the relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. We … Leer más

Our Head in Data Science & AI» will be discussing the use of AI in healthcare alongside Eurocat and Barcelona Health Hub

Ph.D. César Orlando Díaz, our Head in Data Science & AI, an expert in implementing artificial intelligence for the healthcare sector, is preparing to share his knowledge alongside Eurocat and Barcelona Health Hub on October 2nd. Díaz’s talk, titled ‘MarvutCare and the Teleassistance Revolution for the Elderly,’ will explore how AI is transforming the way … Leer más

Marvut Technologies joins the innovation at BNEW 2023 in Barcelona.

Marvut Technologies, a Barcelona-based software development company specializing in artificial intelligence and extended realities, will be present to showcase how they are shaping the future. What is BNEW 2023? The BNEW event (Barcelona New Economy Week) is one of Europe’s most significant business gatherings, bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from various fields. … Leer más

Meet Marja Huiskamp, Chief Communication Officer of the Barcelona Health Hub.

In this short interview we did her at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau, she explains the importance of innovation and the incorporation of new technologies in the digital health sector. She also talks about what Marvut, as partners of the Hub, brings to the ecosystem of companies that are part of BHH, highlighting all … Leer más

Technological support for small and medium businesses

We are looking for 30 businesses that are between small and medium-sized, to which we will provide free strategies and digital tools that allow them to sell online. Turn your traditional business into a digital business where you can sell without limitations, and all this without giving up your physical sales channel. WITHOUT ANY COST … Leer más