Torres Family and Marvut Technologies: a powerful synergy to create disruptive products

A significant production front for Marvut Technologies is our digital laboratory. We dedicate significant efforts to execute our own developments, including native apps that address the needs of our market.

It is precisely one of the products from our digital laboratory that we have been working on in collaboration with our partners from ACCIÓ – the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya – to apply for the «Subvencions startups proves pilot colꞏlaboració amb empreses per validar iniciatives disruptives» subsidy.

The challenge: the grant proposal aimed to execute disruptive projects, find exponential technologies, and increase the level of innovation in companies, accompanied in the development of pilot tests by emerging companies (start-ups) that had the suitability to carry them out.

One of the interesting challenges of the subsidy was the need for a market analysis to understand the disruptive product that would precisely increase this niche of commercialization and customer loyalty.

The difficulty: we needed to find the best partner to address this project. It had to be a large company with a high level of recognition, an interesting track record, and we had to work together. It couldn’t be just any company; the selection had to be the best.

The solution: we began the search for a company of significant size and tradition in Spain to work with, and in the end, we couldn’t find a better collaborative partner than Familia Torres, a renowned winery of high quality widely known and recognized in wine and grape-related markets.

It was an immediate synergy; they welcomed us as part of their team, and we began the entire project planning and presentation process at the end of 2022. In the proposal, we sought the development of an app that would allow users to browse different restaurant menus and add a gamification element to increase user engagement.

Months later, in our emails, we were surprised to read that, naturally, as a working group, Familia Torres – Marvut Technologies had been selected by ACCIÓ as one of the applicants to receive a grant and the necessary resources to execute the previously submitted pilot test.

We had taken the first step, the most complex part was ahead, and you will learn about it in detail in our upcoming news. But in summary, it was more than 5 months of synchronous work with Familia Torres, reviewing options, understanding challenges, and solving issues, and by the month of August, we had our app in its final stage.

It’s an incredibly interesting and entertaining app that we recommend you use. In it, you can win various prizes by playing a fun roulette that brings you lots of luck. You’ll have access to the game once you share a restaurant menu from a place you’re enjoying.

The «Carta de Vinos» application is now available and ready for download. Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the excitement of spinning the roulette and winning exciting prizes.

Head to the Android and Apple app stores, search for «Carta de Vinos,» and download it to your device. It’s time to start rolling the dice and take advantage of all the opportunities this exciting app has to offer!

Download the app from the following link:

For Android devices, click here: Google Play Link

Con el apoyo de ACCIÓ

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