Technological support for small and medium businesses

We are looking for 30 businesses that are between small and medium-sized, to which we will provide free strategies and digital tools that allow them to sell online.

Turn your traditional business into a digital business where you can sell without limitations, and all this without giving up your physical sales channel.

The economic context caused by COVID19 has meant that large companies and multinationals that already had online sales channels have benefited, while on the other hand, many SMEs that have not been able or had the opportunity to go digital are being negatively impacted by this situation.
From Marvut Technologies we want to support local, proximity and fair trade; to small and medium-sized merchants with useful and adapted solutions so that they can enter online sales.
Our objective is to have the best and greatest social, environmental and equity impact, with technological tools in local businesses so that they can be more competitive in the face of the situation we are experiencing. We seek to generate success stories.

From those registered we will select 30 businesses to which we will give free of charge:
– Development of online sales platform
– Brief digital status consulting
– General training to implement the tool
– Basic digital pack to ensure the success of the implementation

Start date: November 02, 2020
Deadline: November 30, 2020

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