Our Head in Data Science & AI» will be discussing the use of AI in healthcare alongside Eurocat and Barcelona Health Hub

Ph.D. César Orlando Díaz, our Head in Data Science & AI, an expert in implementing artificial intelligence for the healthcare sector, is preparing to share his knowledge alongside Eurocat and Barcelona Health Hub on October 2nd. Díaz’s talk, titled ‘MarvutCare and the Teleassistance Revolution for the Elderly,’ will explore how AI is transforming the way we care for our elderly population.

The Challenge of Aging Population The aging of the population is a global phenomenon presenting significant challenges in terms of healthcare and safety for older individuals. As the proportion of elderly individuals in society increases, it is imperative to find innovative solutions to ensure their well-being and safety.

Marvut Care: Artificial Intelligence Serving People At the heart of this revolution is MarvutCare, a company committed to providing advanced teleassistance solutions for the elderly. Ph.D. César Orlando Díaz leads the AI work at MarvutCare, developing an AI-based teleassistance device that is revolutionizing how accidents and medical emergencies in older individuals are handled.

Accident Prevention with AI One of the highlights of Díaz’s talk will be the focus on accident prevention. MarvutCare’s device uses advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously monitor users’ activity and detect behavior patterns that may indicate a risk of falling or other emergency situations. This allows for early intervention and ultimately accident prevention.

The Impact of AI in Healthcare AI is revolutionizing healthcare worldwide, and Díaz will emphasize how this technology is enhancing care for the elderly. AI’s ability to analyze real-time data and make precise decisions means quicker responses and more personalized care, making a significant difference in the quality of life for older individuals.

Strategic Collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub César Orlando Díaz’s talk will also underscore the importance of strategic collaboration. Marvut Care has worked closely with Barcelona Health Hub, a leading innovation center in healthcare technology. This partnership has accelerated the development and validation of their AI-based teleassistance device, ensuring high standards of quality and safety.

A Safer Future for the Elderly In summary, César Orlando Díaz’s talk at Eurocat and Barcelona Health Hub promises to shed light on a safer and healthier future for the elderly. The application of AI in teleassistance is changing how we care for older individuals, allowing us to be proactive in accident prevention rather than merely reactive to emergencies. Marvut Care leads this revolution, offering hope and security to the elderly and their families worldwide.

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