Marvut and Ruta N: allies for the event «Medellín and its International Allies 2023».

Since our beginnings in operations in Colombia, we have received support from various entities with government components, who ultimately become facilitators of many initiatives that ease the initiation of a new start-up.

One of them, and one that has played a leading role in our history in Colombia, specifically in tasks related to the city of Medellín, is Ruta N. Since our inception in Latin American lands, they have facilitated our operations on various fronts such as hiring, training, innovation, and networking.

On October 5th, we will have the opportunity to once again engage with our friends from Ruta N. We have had the pleasure of being invited to their booth within the event ‘Medellín and its International Allies 2023.’ We will be at Ruta N’s offices in Medellín, sharing experiences, learning about new milestones in innovation, and gaining insights from cutting-edge companies in the technology world.

We are grateful to our friends at Ruta N and the Mayor’s Office of Medellín; it will be a day of substantial learning.

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