Coming Soon! «Musical Prelude»: A Revolution in Interactive Orchestral Experience.

Music is constantly evolving! «Musical Prelude» is an exciting project that is about to take the orchestral experience to a whole new level. This innovative project promises to create a unique experience in which the user will interact with orchestral music. The launch is just around the corner.

«Musical Prelude» is a creation that combines the magic of classical music with cutting-edge technology. With a conductor’s baton-shaped IoT controller, participants will be able to take on the role of a conductor and direct their own orchestra. The technology behind this project utilizes custom controllers, Arduino technology, and 3D printing and has been developed and perfected with the support of the University of Barcelona (UB) and Barcelona Activa programs.

This exciting project incorporates holographic fan-type technology and a touchscreen, ensuring a unique and immersive experience.

How does «Musical Prelude» work? By dividing an orchestra into groups or families of instruments, the player can interact simultaneously with the device. Every movement of the conductor’s baton and the player’s free hand translates into changes in the music, allowing control over key aspects of the sound:

Tempo: The speed at which the conductor’s baton moves.

Intensity: The height of the player’s free hand.

Instrument solos: Moving the free hand to the right or left.

These gestures will allow players to interact uniquely with the orchestra’s sound. Since each family of instruments is independent, synchronization and choreography become crucial factors that define whether the piece of music is successful or needs to be repeated to perfect it.

Furthermore, the multi-device holographic solution will provide visual cues to guide the use of the device, offering a visual representation of the families and instruments being played, making the experience even more immersive.

This innovative orchestral musical experience promises to transform the way we perceive and participate in classical music. Get ready for a musical experience like no other.

Download our brochure for detailed information on how you can become the conductor of your own orchestra and experience a unique musical journey.

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