Interview with the CEO

Barcelona September 28, 2020

Interview with Diego Fernández – CEO & Co-founder, MARVUT TECHNOLOGIES

Year of foundation of the company: 2018 (start of the project) and 2020 (incorporation of the company).

Category: Services and information technologies.

Location: Barcelona. 

What does Marvut do?

Marvut offers innovation and digital transformation services, in its different phases, to companies: from the traditional SME that needs to automate its internal processes, to gain efficiency and productivity, to those companies that have digital processes or products and that seek to reinvent themselves and innovate. to be more competitive in the digital age. We offer digital solutions in new technologies, we develop our own and connect emerging ones to provide our clients with the best solution to meet their needs. In this way, we strengthen the R+D+i processes of our clients by injecting them with solutions for business development with new technologies. Our mission is to bring companies closer to new technologies and innovation.

How did the creation of the company come about?

Marvut is the result of a joint effort of more than two years of work. We started with the development of digital solutions using new industry 4.0 technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality to meet the specific needs of companies. Once there, after validating the product with some of them, we realized that the real problem was that they were implementing small initiatives and digital solutions separately, but they were not able to connect them together in an efficient and integrated way.

This generated reprocessing, loss of time and money, as well as a great impact on the work environment as it became evident that technology was not at the service of the company, but that on many occasions it was the employees who had to adapt or keep pace with the changes. the technology implemented without having support in the adaptation process. It is surprising, but we even got to see cases in which the traditional process was more efficient than the one that implemented some technology.

The union of opportunity and motivation was then generated: The opportunity comes from the latent need in the Spanish market to improve the digitization of companies in a satisfactory manner and, above all, adaptable or easy to implement. The motivation is given by the desire to be able to contribute our experience in this field to all our clients, at a time when technology and innovation have taken on a new role.

What customer profile are you targeting? What needs do they need to cover?

We address traditional companies or with still traditional processes that have digital transformation needs. We add value by facilitating innovation and digital transformation, with simple processes and in many cases adapting existing technologies or developing digital solutions tailored to each need.

What digital solutions do you offer companies?

No two problems are the same, so no two solutions can be the same. Our work model is based on «identify-propose-execute», and under this premise we work together with several top-level software partners and we have our own team for the development of integrations, extensions or improvements so that the final solution is 100% % adapted to our client.

Additionally, we have our own developments that we create in our digital laboratory, customizable and complemented with immersive experience technologies (augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.) to potentiate internal processes, identify opportunities or also offer customers satisfactory unique shopping experiences.

What results do your clients achieve with the digitization of their processes? Any success stories?

In the first place, gain in efficiency and, therefore, competitiveness and productivity. On the other hand, having digitized processes also allows us to open the doors to other types of relationships with customers and suppliers. Imagine a company that digitizes its sales, logistics and warehouse processes: they are automatically enabled to have an e-commerce that can record sales in its system and schedule warehouse departures.

The main success story in this area is with a UK transport company that managed to double its business volume and daily operations with the same staff, as well as improve the customer experience with automatic billing and a portal where you can see all the details. of your relationship (contracts, invoices, etc.). We cannot give more details due to confidentiality issues.

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

The BPO or «Business Process Outsourcing» is a subcontracting of business processes through service providers. One of the main advantages of this system is the reduction of fixed costs such as personnel or equipment, as well as investment in technology. In turn, it allows greater flexibility and a greater responsiveness to possible changes in the environment. We work with strategic allies specialized in offering e-learning, e-commerce administration and customer service services, which complement our service in order to offer our clients easy, agile and comprehensive solutions.

How can Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality help companies?

These technologies have not been used to date due to their technical complexity and the difficulty of integrating them into business, but the trend is for them to be more present in our daily lives, and therefore also in the internal processes of companies. Some examples can be seen in sectors such as Real Estate (selling apartments with virtual reality), but this type of solution is increasingly opted for in marketing, sales and customer loyalty campaigns, for example.

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