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Successful  experiences

Official App Development – Sitges Film Festival

We developed a tool for the Sitges Film Festival that enhances interaction, immersion, and enjoyment in all aspects of this internationally renowned event.

ProColombia MWC

Disruptive marketing, 3D holograms applied to fairs: If you are looking to attract attention and connect emotionally in a massive way, 3D holograms are the best solution. The «WOW» effect on your stand.

Holograma 3D Lluís Domènech i Montaner Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau

3D holograms integrated with control devices: We are the only distributor with the ability to develop complex integrations with one of the world’s leading 3D hologram manufacturers

Innovation Toolkit StartUB!|Universidad de Barcelona

Development of custom Web pages: If you require your company to have a high complexity Web page, including among others data storage, user registration, marketplace, we have the specialized staff for it

RTVE – Programa Brigada Tech

Disruptive marketing; Interactive 3D holograms: We have taken our experiences to another level and to multiple scenarios. In this case, we have shared with our RTVE allies the interactive hologram tool with its presenters.

Arthur Holm

Virtual Reality Environments: Live the dream of immersive 3D navigation with your brand, applying it in different areas such as: commercial, human resources, corporate affairs, and many more.


Increased Reality filters for networks: Exponentially multiply the interactions in your social networks using filters and stickers to customized your brand.

Fashion Week 080

3D holograms for fairs -Barcelona Fashion Week-: We have managed to transform the way fashion is presented and experienced. These three-dimensional projections bring an element of innovation and entertainment, elevating the parade experience and leaving a lasting impression on attendees

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