Technology and innovation are our reason for being. Therefore, it is our responsibility to always count with the best allies and knowledge to always find the best solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are aware of the importance of the good selection, design, development, and adaptation of technology at the service of companies as the key to success, increasing the efficiency in processes that add value. We consider ourselves technology freaks, as well as other emerging and cutting-edge disruptive forms, and we are proud to be so, which makes us unique and complements us.

Our services 

Design, develop and implement information technologies adapted to each of our clients to generate value in their critical processes.

Virtual reality 

Imagination has no limits. By using this technology, we can create wonderful complete universes virtually. Either based on a world similar to ours, as well as an imaginary world in which the laws of physics of the world we know today can be challenged.

Through the use of additional devices, such as virtual reality glasses or headsets, a complete and interactive immersion within the previously designed world is possible. Through other additional devices, such as gloves, fans and specialized water sprays, we can further stimulate the user’s senses, thus intensifying the feeling of reality in the end-user experience.

Augmented reality 

Technology that allows for visualization, in real time, through a technological device in the real world, complemented by virtual elements and information to enrich the user experience. We develop comprehensive solutions with Augmented Reality in application and Web type, to improve the consumer experience.

Mixed reality 

We integrate different devices that allow us to achieve more sensory and innovative experiences in extended realities.

As Microsoft partners, we develop using Hololens display devices, Kinect-type motion sensors, and other devices such as 3D holographic projects.

We create experiences applying to different sectors such as learning and entertainment.

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