Fantastic and horror hologram – Sitges Film Festival

We had the valuable opportunity to work hand in hand with an organization of high personal and professional value such as the Sitges Festival.

For its 2022 edition, we were entrusted with two challenges:

1. Develop animations and videos in third dimension to project them in their main spaces.
2. Develop your main app to share with all your visitors.

Both made to full satisfaction, offering our contribution to the most important fantastic and horror film festival in Europe.

Holographic Videos
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3D images and videos related to the festival
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Festival attendees
Project objectives
  • Innovation and avant-garde: it seeks to show that the event is at the forefront of technology and creativity. This helps to project a modern and attractive image for attendees.
  • Immersive experience: Our holograms offer a unique visual and sensory experience.
  • Interaction with the public: our holograms can engage the public in an interactive and participatory way.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Using holograms instead of physical elements, such as sets or stages, can help reduce the environmental impact of the festival.

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