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The presenter Luján Argüelles and the fashion designer Eduardo Navarrete had the opportunity to live the experience of interacting with our 3D holograms, on this occasion, through hand movements, make collectible dresses appear and disappear. These Human Holograms can be applied in various industries for marketing, sales, entertainment, positioning and training purposes, even at the corporate level.

This project was executed in collaboration with our partner company Trendimensional.

and animated dresses
Minutes 40 seconds
of appearance on RTVE
Objective of the project
  • Technological innovation: implement and use hologram technology in a pioneering way in the television field, offering viewers a unique and avant-garde visual experience.
  • Improved viewer experience: Create a positive impact on the audience by presenting content in an interactive and immersive way.
  • Increased ad engagement: Harnessing the visual and creative advantages of holograms to engage interested advertisers.
  • Audience expansion: Attracting new segments of the population seeking more immersive and technologically advanced television experiences.

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