Holographic Projection for the Barcelona County Council at Smart City Expo 2023

It was an honor for us to be selected by the Barcelona County Council as their technological partner to showcase their key services through our disruptive 3D hologram marketing solutions at the 2023 edition of Smart City Expo in Barcelona. This collaboration underscores the County Council’s commitment to promoting advanced technologies and intelligent solutions for urban development.

The partnership between Marvut and the Barcelona County Council represented a unique opportunity for both parties. For Marvut, it was evidently an opportunity to expand its reach and showcase its competence on a global stage. On the other hand, the Barcelona County Council strengthens its image as a governmental entity that supports innovation and sustainable economic growth. Together, they aim to establish Barcelona as a benchmark in the implementation of smart city solutions.

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Project objective
  • Demonstrate Technological Innovation: Use 3D hologram technology to present the services and initiatives of the County Council in an innovative and engaging manner, highlighting the institution’s commitment to innovation.
  • Increase Visibility: Leverage the attractive and novel nature of 3D holograms to enhance the visibility of the services offered by the County Council among fair attendees.
  • Enhance Promotion Effectiveness: 3D holograms offer various advantages over various promotion methods. Holographic projections ensure up to 4.5 times more visibility of the message and increase the observation time by 60% compared to traditional methods.
  • Create Connection with Fair Attendees: 3D holograms have demonstrated that up to 88% of the audience expresses «happiness» when experiencing them. Generating positive feelings in attendees increases the likelihood of engaging with the displayed message.
  • Inspire Other Entities: Serve as inspiration for other government entities to consider the use of emerging technologies to improve communication with citizens.

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