Fashion Week 080

The organizers of the Barcelona fashion week decided to incorporate 3D holograms in the event to offer designers and the public a unique and innovative experience. Taking fashion to another level and breaking conventional barriers.

The holograms allowed them to create a magical and futuristic atmosphere in the parades. They wanted to surprise the audience, captivate their attention and make them immerse themselves in a visually stunning world. Holograms allowed them to offer an immersive experience to the public, where fashion merged with technology, arousing emotions and leaving a lasting impression on their minds.

In short, including holograms in Barcelona fashion week was an opportunity to transform the way fashion is presented and lived, offering a unique, emotional and surprising feeling for both designers and attendees, and holograms gave us the perfect tool to achieve this.

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Objective of the project
  • Innovation and avant-garde: The use of holograms in fashion events is a way to show that the industry is aware of the latest technologies and trends. This helps to project a modern and avant-garde image.
  • Immersive experience: Holograms can deliver a shocking, immersive and unique visual experience for attendees.
  • Differentiation and notoriety: The presence of a hologram at Barcelona Fashion Week can help highlight the event against similar ones.

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