Familia Torres Wine Menu App

After an exhaustive search for a company of significant size and tradition in Spain to collaborate with, we couldn’t find a better partner than Familia Torres, a renowned winery known for its quality and widely recognized in the wine and vineyard markets.

It was a perfect synergy throughout the project planning and execution process. The result: an app that allows users to review the various restaurant menus and adds a gamification element to enhance user engagement.

From the user’s perspective, the app provides a way to locate restaurants on the map, check if they have menus uploaded, upload menus, and, most importantly, participate in the lucky roulette game. Depending on their luck, users can win instant prizes that can be redeemed for wine-related products and discounts.

With the support of ACCIÓ

User Interaction Pages
Fun game with the immediate possibility to increase to 5 options.
Admin Interaction Pages
The project objective
  • User Experience: Enhance the app user experience, making it more dynamic and engaging, while always maintaining our client’s branding standards.
  • Gamified App: Incorporate a gamification feature within the development to enable users to enjoy the experience and, in addition, be rewarded for it.
  • Disruptive Solutions: Address the organization’s needs through disruptive tools that increase external user engagement with the required information collection.
  • Admin Panel: Add an administrative mode for effective management of all information related to prize redemption.
  • App Store Publication: Scale up the app’s usability for access by users, initially within Spain’s reach.

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