For the launch of its campaign «Think with the headset» the insurer AMV sought to reach a young audience through the new interactive tools of social networks.

As a starting point, the designs of the 20 fictional characters and the 8 glasses created by the client were transformed into filters and stickers. The work consisted of bringing them to life through animation, creating a characteristic gesture for each character and recreating the glasses in 3D.

The final product is 28 filters for Instagram, which can be used and shared by users. In this way we managed to increase the scope of the campaign, reaching a greater number of audiences and taking advantage of the new interactive tools of social networks.

Filters and stickers AR helmets and glasses for Instagram
3D models
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Visits in the first days
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Objective of the project
  • Increase brand visibility: Using Instagram filters is to generate greater recognition and visibility of AMV.
  • Generate interaction and engagement: Instagram filters offer a fun and engaging way to interact with users. The goal is to encourage the participation of users, inviting them to use the filters and share their photos and videos of the brand.
  • Drive sales and conversions: By generating greater brand visibility, you can take advantage of the opportunity to drive sales and conversions.
  • Improve brand recognition: By creating Instagram filters, the AMV company can leverage the virality and reach of this platform to improve brand recognition.

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